Friday, 15 February 2013

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition CTS V-Series with Special Colors and…Cleaning Instructions

We don't know for how long Cadillac plans to continue production of the current CTS as we're nearing closer and closer to the presentation of the new generation model, but for now, the wreath and crest brand has prepared two limited edition versions of the high-performance 556hp CTS-V series, named Silver Frost and Stealth Blue (the latter is offered on the CTS coupe as well).

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

Cadillac Releases Limited Edition

We'll begin with the Silver Frost Edition that will be a special run of 100 CTS-V Coupes available through select Cadillac dealers in the States beginning in March. The Detroit brand says it achieved the hue by applying a “30-gloss” clear coat to the paint, as opposed to the “80-gloss” found in standard paint finishes.

"The paint will still emit a low 'sparkle' when certain lights reflect off it, but the finish will be distinctly 'matte'," said Cadillac in a statement.

Buyers should be aware that this paint finish comes with special cleaning instructions, and more specifically, Cadillac states that the car should be hand washed only.

Available options on this model include yellow or red Brembo brake calipers, high polished or satin graphite wheels, and suede-covered steering wheel and shift knob.

The second special edition is the limited production run Stealth Blue with a metallic finish that will be available on all CTS-V models, including the coupe, sedan and Wagon, plus the regular CTS Coupe from March.

In addition, the CTS coupe, V coupe and sedan models, will also offer an optional “Twilight Blue” leather interior package that matches the blue-grey exterior shade.

“Some color hues, such and blues, greys and reds easily identify with performance and velocity,” said Michelle Killen, lead creative designer for exterior paints. “Both Stealth Blue and Silver Frost are very expressive but still true to the luxury and exclusivity that a Cadillac represents, which was a driving factor in the creation of the color.”

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