Saturday, 23 April 2011

Ashby Folville - A Supercar Smorgasbord

Here's some pictures I snapped a few weeks ago at the Ashby Folville sports car meet. For a totally free entry you can rock up and mix with some of the finest motor cars of past and present. Enjoy the picture heavy post, it's better for you than an Easter egg...

One of 2 R35's and loads of Godzillas...

Coolness on wheels

The original Ferrari FF..!

DeTomaso Pantera

This F430 got reversed into a Land Rover while on the school run, but all is repaired now, except pride.

Innards on the Pantera.

And the heart of the Spider

645bhp for £65k. Saw this on the road a day later. LOUD.

Fire up the Quattro

360 wheels on a 348...controversial. Big track though.

Looks better as a car than 007's submarine...

Little and large!

And if all these TVRs, Lotus' and the Noble is getting too English for you...

Back to Blighty

And the award for best private numberplate goes to...

The Racing Puma or Escort Cosworth would do me fine. But then I'm a Ford man since birth I reckon, nurture influencing nature.

If you're in the right place, at the right time, check out the Ashby Folville meet, it's a blinder. Very intimate, laid back, and mouth-watering to boot.
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